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Q: What is the shelf life of Cake in a jar? 
A: 3 days stored in cool dry place.
Q: Can you deliver cake in a jar?
A: no, cake in a jar only for pick up in our Marikina address.
Q: Can you deliver/ ship non food items?
A: yes, we can send via a shipper wherein you will be billed upon arrival of goods.
Q: How much deposit do you require?
A: for NON food items: we require 50% deposit upon ordering + 50% upon pick up. 
    for cake in a jar which is perishable, we require 100% full payment upon order.
Q: What are the flavors of cake in a jar:
A: butter chiffon with butter cream frosting or choco frosting (+ 10)
Q: How do we order?
A: three easy steps! 
1. browse through our website or facebook page to see which item you like.
2. email knotvillefavors@gmail.com to order & we will reply to you with a contract & depository details.
3. deposit payment through BDO account & send us the deposit slip.
** you will be notified when items are ready for pick up or ready to ship at out office. 
Q: How long before we can get our orders?
A: if the product that you like is currently on hand, then you can get them as early as 4 days after your order.
    if the product that you like is not on hand, we need to order them abroad hence it will take about 3-4 weeks depending on the item. 
hence, its always wise to BOOK early 😀 
Q: What is the minimum # of pieces to order?
A: mostly 25 – 50 pcs minimum but prices are a bit higher for thi quantity. you will get the best price ofcourse if you are ordering 100 pcs & above.